About the InsurTech Impact 25

There are many InsurTech lists and landscape infographics.  What really matters is identifying the winners. Members of Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 have achieved revenue growth and have a technology-led proposition that can transform incumbents or the insurance industry as a whole.

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Who’s it for?


Get beneath the hype to understand which InsurTechs have the potential to transform your business today


Identify InsurTechs for your investment pipeline and give your portfolio companies a boost by nominating them for inclusion


Maximise your market traction by displaying your membership of the InsurTech Impact 25. Participate in publicity, events with industry decision-makers and more


Selection is based on two factors:


Material revenues or revenue growth indicating customer traction


A differentiated yet sustainable proposition (D2C or B2B) with evidence of client value


As a principle, we are looking for companies that are not household names but can demonstrate real traction in the market.  We expect Members to satisfy most of the following criteria, but will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Minimum £100k forecast recognised European revenue in 2017 from insurance clients
  2. Maximum £10m forecast recognised global revenue in 2017 from insurance clients
  3. For companies whose revenue is not from Europe, evidence that there is a plan to focus on Europe in 2018
  4. A proposition that is technology-led and somehow innovative
  5. Operationally independent of all shareholders and capacity providers
  6. Established before 1 January 2017

If you think your business is suitable, please apply to be recognised. Applications close 23 December 2017.


Why have we launched the Impact 25?

The InsurTech population has become crowded since the category emerged in mid 2015.  There are many InsurTech lists and landscape infographics.  What really matters is identifying the winners.

Oxbow Partners is known for its critical analysis and insight of the InsurTech space, not least through our popular blog.  We will use our deep understanding of both the insurance industry and InsurTech to identify the InsurTechs to be included in our 2018 group.

Is this open to D2C and B2B propositions?

Yes – the Impact 25 is for both D2C businesses (e.g. personal lines distributors) and B2B businesses (e.g. companies selling to insurance companies).

How are members selected?

There are two selection criteria for companies that meet the eligibility criteria:

We believe that revenue is the best indicator of traction.  In the application process, companies can provide either 2016-2017 revenue growth (as a percentage) or provide an indication of their 2017 revenue (by choosing from a number of revenue bands).  Companies that are selected for the Impact 25 will need to validate their revenue submissions before becoming Members.  Companies’ revenues will NOT be published (but growth data and ranges may be).

Revenues used in the application should be:

  • Global revenues
  • From insurance and non-insurance sources
  • Recognised (i.e., in accordance with your local accounting practices)
  • For calendar years (i.e., January to December)

Revenue growth should be calculated as: [(Projected 2017 recognised revenue) – (2016 recognised revenue)] / (2016 recognised revenue)

We are looking for companies that have a differentiated yet sustainable proposition.  Applicants are requested to provide an answer to the question: “How will your company impact the insurance industry in 2018?”. Answers must be under 300 words and will be assessed in three areas:

  1. Differentiation of the proposition
  2. Scope of current deployment (e.g. production vs. POC deployments)
  3. Financial impact (e.g., GWP, loss ratio, fraud rate)

Oxbow Partners’ selection of Members will be final.

Why the revenue thresholds?

Members must have 2017 full year revenue of between £100k and £10m to ensure we are highlighting emerging businesses with genuine momentum.  We believe revenue thresholds are the most objective proxy for this.

I'm worried about sharing revenue data

Actual revenue data only needs to be provided as validation by companies selected to be Members of the Impact 25.  There is no need to provide revenue data in the application process.  All revenue data seen by Oxbow Partners for this purpose will be held strictly confidential in line with the confidentiality statement in the application form.  Please note that we do not typically sell services to startups so we are not collecting this data for underhand purposes.

How does the Impact 25 help insurance executives and investors?

The InsurTech Impact 25 is for insurance executives and investors who want to cut through the noise and find the elite technology-led businesses that can transform companies, or indeed the insurance industry as a whole.  The InsurTech Impact 25 should be every executive’s and investor’s first port of call when looking for an innovative technology partner.

Look out for events and other material to be released during 2018.

How does the Impact 25 help InsurTechs?

Each applicant is assessed by Oxbow Partners’ team of InsurTech experts, meaning that members of the Impact 25 can claim to be genuine leaders in a crowded InsurTech landscape.  Membership of the Impact 25 provides validation of your business to potential customers and investors: licence the special members’ logo and display it on your website and marketing materials with pride.

We will also be hosting events and making introductions to help you further develop your business.

Who is Oxbow Partners?

Oxbow Partners is a management consulting business serving the insurance industry.  We have a specialism in InsurTech and innovation and publish a popular blog on the subject.  We are known for our critical analysis and insight of the InsurTech space.  We will use our deep understanding of both the insurance industry and InsurTech to identify the InsurTechs to be included in our 2018 group.

Note that our clients are typically large (re)insurance companies, brokers, service provider and investors – and not emerging InsurTechs.  We believe we are able to be objective and unconflicted in our selection of the Impact 25.

Do I have to pay to be on the Impact 25?

No, we will be choosing members of the Impact 25 purely based on merit without reference to any commercial considerations.

Do I have to pay to see the Impact 25?

No, the 2018 members will be published on our website in early 2018.  However, further commercial packages will be made available later in the year (e.g. reports and greater insight into members, events).

Can I use the InsurTech Impact 25 logo?

If you would like to use the logo, please contact us for permission.

Members of the InsurTech Impact 25 can licence a special version of the logo from Oxbow Partners for use on their website and marketing.  Further information will be provided to members.

I’m an established business trying to get into insurance. Can I apply?

We will consider applications on a case-by-case basis against the two criteria.

I know a business that should be a member in 2018. What do I do?

Please email us and we’ll get in touch with them, or ask the business to submit an application directly.

When will the members be published?

The list will be published in early 2018.

How is Europe defined?

Europe is the UK, continental Europe, Turkey, and Israel.

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